Established in 1945, the J. E. Pietzsch chapter 26 of the department of Texas, was established under the constitution and bylaws of DAV National is still running, and open for business, helping veterans receive the benefits they were promised, and deserve at the VA hospital, every day when the hospital is open for general business.  Our monthly business meetings are at 600 S. W. 7th Ave. Amarillo TX on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 10:30 until 11:30 AM. Except during inclement weather.


To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, to advance the interests of all wounded, gassed, injured, and disabled veterans;  to stimulate a feeling of mutual devotion, helpfulness, and comradeship among all veterans, and to encourage in all people that spirit of understanding which will guard against future wars;  to act as a benevolent organization for the purpose of promoting the welfare, alleviating the suffering, and assisting and aiding those worthy persons who have been injured or disabled while serving with the armies of the United States during wartime, and who have not been dishonorably discharged;  and for the purpose of promoting the welfare, alleviating the suffering, aiding and assisting the widows, orphans, and dependents of worthy wartime disabled veterans.



Our next regular meeting is set for February 23rd, 1030 hours, at 600 S.W. 7th Avenue.  

2018 is in the books, as now more than half of our fiscal year is gone.  What are you planning for next for our veteran population here in Amarillo, TX?


An anonymous donor made sure we could deliver 4 new recliners to our veterans at Ussery Roan state veterans home.  Thank you members who make things like this happen for those who find it hard to get out and about, especially during the winter months.    

The 2018 Veterans Day Parade is in the books.  It was blustery and cold, but our chapter got onto that float and in the van to let our community know that we represent here in Amarillo.

Golden Corral fundraising event 2018 is in the books, having set two records in the process.  Thanks to each one who helped this year.  

Add another item to tick off on the done list box. Our new flag pole got installed on the 23rd of October, and the proper flags are a flyin!  We may need to take care of lighting it though.  The street light is to far away to light the flags up correctly.

   Top picture, from Left to Right. Kathryn Fagin Treasurer, Carla Powell, Auxiliary Commander, Wayne Powell, Commander, and Mitchell Miller, Adjutant. 

Lower Picture has the team leader of the VA Housing first program lady with us.

Our October 2018 Forget-Me-Not drive fundraising came raised around $1,850.00 and change.

With that gave to the housing first program, fighting to end veteran homelessness here in Amarillo 20 adjustable bed frames, 20 blankets, and 40 sets of bed linens for them to give to veterans and their families as needed, while they get moved off the streets, and into their own housing.  Thank you each one who gave time, finances, muscles, and the ideas which made all of this possible, and done in time for Veterans Day.

Thank you to DAV Department of Texas for giving us the necessary permissions to make this happen!  

Top Picture, Bobbie Harrell.  Second Picture, Sharmin and Aurelio Harp.

Supporting our veterans who reside at USSERY ROAN state Veterans Home here in Amarillo.  Relaxation and entertainment  products will be purchased with this funding.

Our 2019 Ford Flex has finally found it's way to Amarillo, to help transport veterans to their appointments.  Thank you to the local VA employees for making the trip to retrieve it!  October 19, 2018.  This automobile is on the road, helping to bring veterans to their appointments at the VA hospital.

Pictured are Commander Wayne Powell, Kathryn Fagin, Mitchell Miller, and the Auxiliary Commander, Carla Powell.  

We desperately need volunteer drivers to keep the vehicles on the road, picking up veterans.  Some are having to use other transport, in order to get to the hospital, while others are not able to make it for theirs.

Gifting blankets to the Second Chance House

Veterans side.

Volunteering, and enjoying the day at the VA Y2K day for homeless veterans

50 cases of water have been delivered to the VA Hospital, Voluntary Services Program for use at the 2K run event, to be run on the 16th of May.

Our first scholarship winner 2018  Ms. Victoria Pickard

Installation of 2018-19 Officers

Notes:  Make sure you tab onto the calendar of events, at the top of the page, for future events, and be a part of the things WE do here at DAV Chapter 26 in Amarillo, Texas!!!


Our Commander

Wayne Powell

Wayne has moved up from the Senior Vice Commander position.


Mitchell Miller

Mitchell Miller is our new Adjutant, allowing Earl Clift to retire from the task.  Thank you Earl for 14 years on the job.  


Kathryn Fagin continues another term of keeping the records of our financial fitness.

If you wish to donate here locally, please send your donations to  J. E. Pietzsch chapter 26 P. O. Box 50300 Amarillo, TX 79159

All monies collected through this address stays here, for our local veterans.


Our Officers

Commander:  Carla Powell

Sr. Vice Cmdr:  Madelyn McKinney

Adjutant:  Sharmin Harp

Working at the Forget Me Not drive 2018.  Carla and Sharmin!


Our Mailing Address is:  P. O. Box 50300 Amarillo, TX 79159

E-Mail address is:

You may contact the DAV Service officer through our (806)553-5100 number, or directly through the office at the VA hospital at (806)468-1880